…by eBooks for Cooks

Cookbooks in an electronic format sounds like a fabulous idea.  Download, pop on the Kindle, put your device in a safe place/protective sleeve and cook away.  I was, therefore, pretty excited to check out eBooks for Cooks. Needless to say, I was underwhelmed.

From eBooks for Cooks:

To read it, you need a device (like an iPhone, Android phone or tablet, or an iPad) that has a modern web browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

[My emphasis – don’t go using any of those fusty, old-fashioned browsers…]

So… to get an e-book version of, say, Saraban, it will cost me $39.95 and it won’t have the glorious formatting of the spectacular hard copy, nor can it be used on a Kindle (or Nook, or Kobo, I guess…).

Alternatively, I could buy a hard copy from Readings for $10 less. If I really wanted an e-version, I guess I could scan it myself…

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