…by David Jones


The next time I hear the CEO of David Jones lamenting their latest declining sales figures, I’d like to make a suggestion – hire staff who can respond to telephone inquiries.

You claim many customers want a personal experience. That there’s no other store like yours, and that it’s the service that makes all the difference. Well, my recent experiences of David Jones Perth suggesst that customer service is probably your biggest failing.

My fruitless search for the coveted Clarisonic Mia led me to David Jones. As one of only a few locations in Perth that stock this newfangled gadget for the beauty obsessed (ie. me) – my options were limited.

During a fruitless call to the store I was told, “we sell these, but there’s no way for me to tell you if we’re getting more in”. I politely inquired if they could tell me when more stock would arrive. Response – “no, the only option is for you to call over the next month to see when they’re in.” Okay then. I’ll just spend my hard earned cash elsewhere.

Excuse me while I get on my high horse, but the last time I checked, a crucial part of retail is knowing when new stock is arriving – in fact, it’s just as critical as keeping track of your sales, to ensure you meet sales targets, know which items aren’t selling, and basically because it’s good business practice. I worked in retail for five years, so excuse me while I state the obvious.

So once again, I am one of the many Australian customers running from retail, and jumping into the arms of online retailers. Why?

Well, for starters, my favourite online beauty boutique stocks all my favourite brands. They consistently have stock available, and provide updated information about when new stock is arriving. And they’re Australian. This means fast shipping, a great returns policy, and the guarantee that I’m getting what I paid for.

I’m now the happy owner of a Clarisonic. No thanks to David Jones.

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