…by the TV Coverage of the Tour Down Under


I'm surprised the webmaster even bothered to set up a page entitled "tv-coverage"

The UCI cycling event, the Tour Down Under, is on in South Australia at the moment.  The TDU is a great chance for cycling fans to check out early form for the pro-cycling year as well as get a look at up-and-coming local cyclists.  This year, we also have the added excitement of seeing the new GreenEdge team in action.

Well, we would, if the TV coverage hadn’t been given to Channel 9.

The only thing I can figure is that the people in charge of scheduling at 9 thought that the reason people watch cycling is because it’s on late at night, not that people watch cycling late at night because we love cycling and unfortunately happen to be in the wrong time-zone for day-time European races.  Oh, and they are not showing complete stages late at night. No! They are showing a highlights package late at night.  You know, the sort of highlights package that SBS routinely shows in the evenings and in the mornings in addition to their extensive live coverage during the Tour de France.

The final two stages will be shown live.  I guess we should be grateful for that…


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