Work blues

All of us who work have to deal with office politics. It’s easy to say ‘Stay calm and soldier on’. Often it’s not easy to do so. I have a passive-aggressive boss, who won’t do any work herself, but will find every opportunity to push work on to me and my juniors. She’s a bit of a glory hunter, in that she’ll say that she has no energy for work and yet, will find new projects for me to execute. Of course, she takes the credit for them once the projects are done. I really don’t mind the extra work, but I do mind the repetitive and long meetings that she chooses to schedule bang in the morning.

I work in healthcare as a doctor, and it’s exasperating to waste time in futile meetings. It is annoying to have colleagues who will not take responsibility and come running to you for every small decision. Then there are colleagues who are experts at chicken shit.  I wish I had colleagues whom I could be friends with, whom I could go out for a drink once in a while.

It’s true what people say. It’s never the work that gets you, it’s always the bullshit that does. I guess I should start looking for a new job soon.

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